The most special and cherished day of your life is the day of your wedding. You would want to look nothing less than perfect, for all eyes will be up on you. Now, if you are not sure that basking in the limelight is your thing, we can turn it in to a cakewalk for you with our niche services from Nuptial Bliss under the banner of Iza multi-designer store. So that you can devour every moment of the day, for these memories are to last a lifetime. The array of services we have set forth is designed to perfection; it ties together our areas of expertise and the customised needs of to-be brides and grooms.
The days leading up to your wedding can be quite stressful, but don’t let it impede the fun you can have with your partner. Make the most out of these days at Iza multi-designer store and be prepared, from toe to hair, for your special day! Our basic package for a couple commences at 1.5 lakh rupees and we have several packages at varying rates, going up to 5 lakhs rupees.